Q: How many dogs do you walk at any one time?

A: I will never walk more than 6 dogs at any one time and I ensure that temperamentally suitable dogs are walked together.  However, most of the time I walk in groups of 2 to 3. 

Group walks are a fantastic way to socialise your dog and build their confidence and they benefit greatly from this social aspect of their walks.

Q: Can I specify a particular time for my dog to be walked?

A: My daily walks are generally carried out between 9.00am and 3.00pm though pick ups may be earlier and drop offs may be later.  Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements and i’ll do my best to fit in with your needs.

Q: How long are walks?

A: All my walks are for 30 minutes or a minimum of 1 hour but can be longer than that if we are on a longer route in the forest or coast, not including pick up and drop off. If your dog requires longer or shorter walks we can tailor a solo walk to your specific requirements.

Q: Where will my dog be walked?

A: All my walks are carried out over the heaths, forests and coasts of Suffolk where it is interesting for your dog - and me!. I vary the locations in order to provide variety for your dog.

Q: My dog is nervous around other dogs, will you be able to walk him?

A: Yes. If your dog is very nervous around other dogs then I can provide solo walks. However one of the biggest benefits of group dog walking is how much it can improve your dog’s socialisation. Therefore, if your dog is nervous but non aggressive I can start off with solo walks and then slowly introduce him/ her to an appropriate group of friendly dogs, a little bit at a time. I am often impressed by how quickly dogs can gain confidence and settle into a friendly group with a little support from me.

Q: Do I need to be at home when you collect or drop off my dog?

A: No, the majority of my clients are happy for me to securely hold keys for them which enables me to collect and drop of your dog while you’re not at home. All keys are kept in a secure location and will never be marked with anything other than the name of your dog.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: In an emergency i am a trained dog first aider so I am able to deal with rare incidents on the spot immeadiatly.  I will contact you immediately to discuss the situation. If we are unable to contact you and urgent veterinary attention is required we will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or alternatively the nearest vet depending on the circumstances.

Q: Can I just have occasional walks?

A: Absolutely. I am very happy to offer ad-hoc walks and I am very flexible when it comes to booking. A text, email or phone call the day before will ensure a walk is booked or cancelle,d provided i have walked your dog before.

Q: Can I meet you before you start walking my dog?

A: Yes. We strongly recommend that you have an introductory meeting with at your home or on a quick walk to discuss your requirements prior to walks taking place. These can be arranged at short notice for a time that is convenient for you.

Q: Are the dog walkers insured?

A: Yes. I am  fully insured and DBS checked.

Q: Will I be charged if I cancel a walk at short notice?

A: I am very flexible when it comes to bookings and 24hrs notice will ensure there is no cancellation fee.

Q: Can you do evening and weekend walks?

A: Yes, I can but may need some notice to make sure i can accommodate this.  But usually its no problem so just ask.

Q: Do I have to pay for walks upfront?

A: No. I invoice in arrears and send invoices at the end of the month for that months walks. We accept payment by, bank transfer and direct debit or cash.  Payment must be made within 7 days of receiving the incoice.